In the fall of 2018, it was communicated that the Board would work to develop veterinarian approved Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for large MAC carts, small MAC carts, sea container gassing, and whole barn gassing. The SOPs are now available to Alberta egg farmers on the producer website at

The intent of the SOPs is to support farmers in passing the new Animal Care Program. We anticipate that the Program requirement will be “to have a vet approved SOP” for depopulation. As the new Animal Care Program is not yet in effect, releasing the SOPs early provides farmers with time to review the procedures and adapt their depopulation practices and equipment if needed.

The Board is not approving mass depopulation methods or procedures. Farmers using a different method or considering making adaptations to methods outlined in the approved SOPs are encouraged to connect with their veterinarian to determine if they are willing to sign off on their procedures.