In 2019 EFA launched a new biosecurity assessment. The goal of this assessment is to provide a bite sized, practical assessment to help our farmers improve biosecurity by recommending reasonable steps forward. The focus of the biosecurity assessment is currently the front entry and transition areas as getting this right is central to a good biosecurity program.

Our Field Coordinators have hit the ground running this year, already completing 104 biosecurity assessments.

We have been pleased to see that many elements we have been looking at are already in place on many Alberta egg farms. For example:

  • 97% of farms have a concrete pad outside their primary barn entrance.
  • 98% of farmers have biosecurity signage posted at all barn entrances and have all access points to the barn locked.
  • 93% of farms had personnel present at the time of the farm visit that could demonstrate an appropriate transition to the restricted area.
  • 90% of farms have a dedicated area for dirty clothes and boots to be stored on the unrestricted side of the transition zone.

We also identified some areas where there may be room for improvement:

  • Only 18% of barns had a security alarm installed.
  • Just 38% of farms keep their barn doors locked at all times.
  • 30% of farms do not have a hand washing or sanitizing station available at the transition zone.

We found that there was a lot of variance between the types of transition lines used on farms. Some farmers have a simple painted lines on the floor, while others have doors, boards or benches.

While delivering the biosecurity assessment, EFA is distributing a resource on building a Danish entry in your transition area to encourage farmers to consider installing one.

Danish entries have benches that span from wall to wall with coverage to the ground. The Danish entry acts as a barrier that is both hard to ignore, and helps prevent dust and pathogens from inadverntently traveling over the transition line. We are eggstatic to hear that many farms are installing Danish entries following their biosecurity assessment! This is an exciting change, that will help enhance biosecurity on farm!

For a complete summary of results from the biosecurity assessments so far, as well as a copy of the biosecurity assessment and Danish entry resource, please visit the new biosecurity assessment page on the producer website under farm programs.

Plainview Colony has installed this Danish entry that can swing open when large equipment needs to be brought in. Thanks for sharing!