Profile – John Hofer

My name is John Hofer and I am a Director for the Egg Farmers of Alberta. I am in my fourth year as a Director with EFA.

I have been egg farming all of my life in Raymond, Alberta. I live on the colony with my wife and we have seven children. I like doing a variety of things, such as mechanics. I am curious about people and where they come from and their culture. I am always busy doing things, it doesn’t matter what.

I felt like it was important for me to become an EFA Director so I could try something different and gain some more insight into the supply managed sectors. I believe what makes EFA so successful is EFA has a good handle on understanding egg farming and farmers. EFA is very up to date on what consumers and other agricultural groups want to see changed as we progress into the future.

Looking ahead, I believe we need to progress with farming and the farmers. I feel we need to be leaders in the egg industry, but we need to be careful not to set a pace that is too fast. We will have to keep up to pace with the expectations from what consumers and industry partners would like to see and hopefully accomplish them!