Profile – Conrad Vanessen

My name is Conrad Vanessen, and I am a proud 1st generation egg farmer.  I have been farming for 9 years, and have been an egg farmer for the past 5 years. I am in my first term as an EFA Director.

I started with 5,000 layer hens and purchased quota to double my flock to over 10,000 birds, which are raised in a free-run barn.  I also raise veal calves and grow a variety of crops on my farm near Coaldale, Alberta. I got into the egg industry via EFA’s New Entrant Program, and have learned the industry by being in the barn as a hands-on egg farmer every day, giving me invaluable first-hand experience and a unique perspective.

The experience I gained and the resolve I demonstrated while building my own farm can be applied to the industry as a whole, as the Board tackles these challenges.  I believe the most critical issues facing the egg industry in the coming years is the service fee.