June 27, 2014

Egg Farmers of Alberta Considers Youth Program

Egg Farmers of Alberta (EFA) is in the initial stages of exploring the feasibility of developing a youth program for would-be egg farmers.  EFA recently met with representatives from Galimax Trading, a registered grading station, and a group of young unregistered egg farmers, to discuss the merits of a youth development program.  The meeting was a unique opportunity for EFA to educate the group about Alberta’s egg industry and EFA’s role, while also discovering the initiative and passion that these young farmers have for egg farming.

One of the benefits of the uniquely Canadian system of supply management is that it provides farming enthusiasts with the opportunity to raise egg laying hens without the need for quota (up to 300 hens in Alberta), which is exactly what these young farmers have been doing.  Egg Farmers of Alberta described the industry’s commitment to animal care and food safety, as well as the on-farm program and processes in place for ensuring the standards for both are maintained by all registered egg farmers.  EFA also explained that there are a variety of ways that unregistered producers can go about selling their eggs, within the rules of the supply management system.

Egg Farmers of Alberta is excited at the prospect of potentially launching a youth development program, which would complement the New Entrant Program that EFA launched in 2012.  EFA believes that programs like these will help achieve the goal of ensuring that Alberta’s egg industry remains vibrant and will be sustainable for generations.