February 10, 2021

EFA Congratulates George Visser

February 10, 2021 (Calgary, AB) – Egg Farmers of Alberta (EFA) is thrilled to congratulate George Visser on his recent induction into the Alberta Agriculture Hall of Fame!  Established in 1951 to recognize Albertans who contributed to the growth and innovation of the province’s agri-food industry, as well as the sustainability of rural Alberta, the Alberta Agriculture Hall of Fame is a tremendous honor for a farmer as dedicated and deserving as George Visser.

“We are very thankful for the foresight and efforts of those who came before us, my dad included, for the success and prosperous future of this industry,” says George’s son Rick, who took over their family farm in the Neerlandia region.

Visser established his 5,000 laying hen and 130 sow farrow-to-finish farm in the 1970s, with a vision of a future for modern agriculture that would see farms specialize in specific commodities.  He served on the EFA Board of Directors from 1976-1979, in addition to serving on the Alberta Agricultural Products Marketing Council.

Rick and Beatrice Visser are not only carrying on George’s family farm, but the torch was also passed to the next generation of leadership in Alberta’s egg industry, with Beatrice currently serving her second term as an EFA Director.

“We are very thankful for the groundwork Rick’s dad, along with many others, laid for our provincial egg industry,” says past EFA Chair, Beatrice Visser.  “I’m very honored to follow in his footsteps by serving on the Board, and I hope we will leave a solid foundation for the next generation to continue building a sustainable egg industry.”

For the Vissers, success is all about providing a worthwhile opportunity for the entire family, and feeling satisfied by knowing they are providing fresh, nutritious, local food to their family, friends, neighbours, and fellow Albertans.

“It’s nice to see your kids doing well in the industry we began, not only on the production side, but also providing leadership at both the provincial and national level,” says George Visser.  “If

we add my father into the story, as well as the grandkids who are actively involved now, then that’s four generations of our family in the egg business.  I marvel at what modern egg farming has become and can only imagine where it will go from here with the next generation.”

On behalf of the EFA Board and staff, as well as the province’s egg farmers, congratulations George Visser on your induction into the Alberta Agriculture Hall of Fame!


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