UNCATEGORIZED | October 1, 2020

World Egg Day Contest

Eggs do not only have the power to provide us with 14 essential nutrients and protein, but also help connect diverse people and cultures around the world. Eggs make for a pretty fantastic household staple while leading in the category as one of nature’s most nutrient-dense foods!

Since travelling the world to explore monuments & try eggs dishes is off our bucket list this year, we wanted to bring you #TourDeOeuf, a 12-day world food tour from the comfort of your own home! We’ve searched the globe to assemble 12 unique egg dishes from 12 different countries for the next 12 days leading to World Egg Day. Enjoy!

Spain – Tortilla Espanola
Did you know that in Spain, Tortilla Española’s are usually enjoyed in the afternoon? Be like a Spaniard and enjoy this main dish for lunch or dinner today!

Japan – Miso-cured Eggs
Add a little flavour to an easy-to-make hard boiled egg while also adding some colour to a wholesome bowl of ramen with this miso-cured egg recipe.

Australia – Pavlova
Light and fluffy is the key to Pavlova! Named after Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova’s tour in Australia and New Zealand, this dreamy dessert will have you layering all your favorite toppings.

Cuba – Havana Style Eggs
Cuba is known for its vibrant colours, and the Havana style egg dish is no exception! Brighten up your mornings with this delicious and good-looking breakfast!

Ethiopia – Doro Wat
Spice up your norm and have eggs for dinner! Try a flavorful Ethiopian stew also known as Doro Wat tonight.

South Korea – Gyeran ppang
We can’t think of a better duo than egg and bread, thankfully we have the recipe to make this South Korean side dish without leaving your house.

Mexico – Migas
Turn your breakfast into a fiesta with a Migas recipe straight from Mexico! Shellabrate the goodness of crispy tortilla strips, scrambled eggs and salsa for your morning dish.

Brazil – Quindim
Brazil takes the custard on whipping up a tasty dessert. Quindim is a sweet, golden dessert comprised of sugar, egg yolks and coconut!

Greece – Avgolemono
In Greece, you’ll find a unique twist to chicken soup with the addition of our favorite – eggs! Try avgolemono and reap all the health benefits!

Israel – Shakshuka
Popular in the Middle East, shakshuka is known as a mixed-up breakfast dish that is also good for that perfect picture on Instagram!

Cambodia – Cambodian Grilled Eggs
Known to be a popular street food in Cambodia, it’s easy to duplicate delicious Cambodian grilled eggs when all you need is four ingredients… including eggs of course!

Canada – Maple Poached Eggs
Long live maple! Canadian eggs and Canadian maple are the staple in this breakfast recipe that makes for an excellent addition to your weekend brunch.

In honor of World Egg Day, we’re giving away prizes for ALL contestants who make a #TourDeOeuf dish and tag us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to enter!

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