UNCATEGORIZED | July 1, 2021

Summer Fun and Snacks

Summer is a time for basking out in the sun with plenty of on-the-go activities to keep you and your family enjoying every second of Alberta’s not-so-long summer. Whether your days are filled with never-ending to-do lists or spent relaxing & recharging, top-up on protein-filled foods such as eggs to help you fuel and be full throughout the day.

Putting together a snack to keep you and your little ones energized doesn’t have to be time-consuming with a fun Egg Sailboats recipe that’s ideal for when you have extra hands in the kitchen.

If your snack cravings tend to be on the sweeter side of things, we’ve got you covered with Lemon & Blueberry Cottage Cheese Muffins. This delicious and in-season blueberry snack makes for a tasty way to get out of an afternoon slump.

Did you know that eggs are a complete protein consisting of 9 essential amino acids? Not only are they great for snacking, but also make a nutritious and delicious meal. Enjoy an Egg Salad Slider for lunch at home or at your favourite picnic spot today.