CRACK’D YYC FOOD TRUCK | June 28, 2019

Rocks & Rings and Eggs!

Egg Farmers of Alberta is proud to be a provincial sponsor of the highly successful Rocks & Rings program, presented by Curling Canada.

Classes receive a 40 minutes session of fun and instruction, thanks to unique indoor floor curling equipment that provides a true curling experience without requiring ice!

This national initiative has been teaching students about curling and the importance of teamwork for the past 10 years.  Here in Alberta, the Rocks & Rings program delivers over 300 days of training to over 50,000 students each school year!

On May 2nd, EFA had the chance to visit a local school while the Rocks & Rings program was running.  Not only that, but we also partnered with Crack’d YYC to feed over 250 grade 3-5 students a fresh, hot, healthy egg breakfast!

The students got to choose either an egg breakfast wrap, a grilled ham & cheese sandwich, or beef brisket breakfast poutine.  All three options were delicious and prepared fresh by Chef Jordon and his food truck team, before being served up to thankful students by his wife, Rachelle.

The kids all loved the food, with several coming back to say thanks and even give hugs!

It was exciting to watch Jodi, the Rocks & Rings trainer, teach the kids about curling, teamwork and sportsmanship.  EFA would like to thank Kim Bates and everyone at G.W. Skene School for letting us be part of the fun!

To learn more about the Rocks & Rings program, please visit their website at!