NET-ZERO EGG BARN | December 8, 2016

Lights, Cameras, Cluck!

Net-Zero Egg Barn, Blog Post #8 – Egg Collection: December 8/2016

EFA partnered with Alberta Agriculture & Forestry in 2014, and began the journey of building a net-zero egg barn in Alberta.  A feasibility study was completed, and potential egg farm partners were sought out.  In addition to all the technical requirements included in the partnership package was a clause that called for the installation of cameras in the egg barn, for the purpose of opening the proverbial barn doors, and broadcasting a live-feed 24/7 from inside the layer barn.

EFA ultimately partnered with Brant Colony and the rest, they say, is history.  Should you want to take a trip down memory lane, EFA chronicled the construction of the net-zero barn in a series of blog posts.  The journey culminated with an official grand opening ceremony during the summer of 2016, which included the Honourable Oneil Carlier, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry.

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Brant Colony Celebrates Grand Opening of Net-Zero Layer Barn

Once the grand opening ceremony was over and some technical glitches were worked out, the two live-feed cameras inside the barn went online.  One camera shows a close-up view of the aviary hen housing system, so viewers can watch the hens using the nest boxes, feeders, waterers, perches, and foraging area.  The second camera shows a view of the entire length of the barn.  If you watch closely and your timing is right, you may even see Darrel Mandel, Brant Colony’s egg manager, walking through the barn to check on the flock!

As much as EFA would like to take every Albertan on a tour of one of the more than 170 registered egg farms in the province, the logistics and our farmers’ commitment to food safety and animal care make that impossible.  If EFA can’t bring you to the egg barn, we figured the next best thing would be to bring the egg barn to you – and we hope you find the live-feeds entertaining and educational!

UPDATE: The live-feed cameras inside the net-zero egg barn were removed in 2020, due to the technical limitations of rural internet service.