ENVIRONMENT | August 24, 2015

EFA’s Environmental Stewardship Workshop

Egg Farmers of Alberta (EFA) will be hosting a diverse group of influencers at our Environmental Stewardship Workshop on August 26 & 27. EFA recently adopted an overarching sustainability strategy and published a Sustainability Report earlier this year, on the heels of launching the Canadian egg industry’s first on-farm environmental program in 2014. EFA hopes to build on this momentum with the upcoming two-day stakeholder engagement session on the environment.

For Alberta egg farmers, sustainable egg production is socially responsible, environmentally sound and economically viable. For EFA, stakeholder engagement is critical to building a provincial egg industry that will be sustainable for future generations. Other stakeholders, ranging from the egg value chain (farmers, graders, processors, restaurants and grocery stores) to industry and government partners, are integral to determining how our industry can most effectively farm using environmentally responsible practices.

Learning what environmental stewardship and sustainability means to various stakeholders, while helping identify gaps and opportunities that will enable EFA to refine our long-term strategies, is as important to us as sharing our current programs and initiatives to help stakeholders better understand why we do what we do. EFA is dedicated to continuous improvement, and we know that the journey to progressive, environmentally responsible egg farming is not one we can take alone.

The Environmental Stewardship Workshop is another example of EFA’s pioneering spirit in action, as we bring together an influential group of stakeholders that all recognize the long-term importance of both sustainability and collaboration. Egg Farmers of Alberta is committed to four pillars – healthy birds, healthy eggs, healthy farms and healthy communities.

EFA will be live-Tweeting throughout the workshop. If you’d like to follow the conversation, or even become a part of it, follow us on Twitter  and via #EngageEFA !