Bringing Back Alberta, One Barbecue at a Time


Egg Farmers of Alberta (EFA) joined forces with Alberta Motor Association (AMA) to help support Albertans and local businesses recover from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. In an effort to ‘Bring Alberta Back,’ AMA created a Virtual Backyard BBQ encouraging Albertans to spend their summer months cooking in their backyards while using locally grown and raised products such as EGGS!

Thrilled to be a part of a virtual community, EFA’s first task was to show a favorite barbeque recipe that included a favorite ingredient… EGGS! Thinking ‘shells’ were put on, and a simple and savory Grilled Eggs in Sweet Pepper as well as the king of all burgers… the Aloha Dad Burger were shared with the community.

The next virtual community involvement focused on EGG-ucating community members through the Ask Me Anything event held via Facebook. Members had the opportunity to ask EFA egg-related questions including how to cook them, as well as to clarify misconceptions about the egg industry. Amongst the frequently asked questions, consumers wanted to know the differences between eggs, cooking with raw eggs and what determines egg yolk color! Overall, EFA was impressed with the amount of engagement and questions received during the hour-long event. EFA hopes to bring back their very own Ask EFA Anything, but for now you can find answers to EGG-cellent questions on EFA’s Ask an Egg Farmer page!

After the event, partners AMA and Taste Alberta organized the Two Cowboys to film a Q&A style video for EFA’s producer Jerry Hofer at Fairview Colony and EFA’s influencer/cook extraordinaire Meg Tucker to answer in greater detail. Videos will be available soon, follow EFA’s social media channels for updates!

EFA’s upcoming project for the Virtual Backyard BBQ will be a hosted by Meg Tucker Facebook Live! Meg will not only bring Alberta back, but also a delicious barbecue side…. BACON AND EGG DILL POTATO SALAD served hot or cold. We hope you can join us on July 30 at 5 pm to learn something new and help BRING ALBERTA BACK!

Join the fun by joining the AMA Backyard BBQ group here!