CRACK’D YYC FOOD TRUCK | August 10, 2021

Crack’d YYC Food Truck

Crack’d YYC is a bright yellow local food truck that partnered with Egg Farmers of Alberta back in 2018. For the past few years, chef Jordon Henkel and wife Rachelle have been popping up at local events to provide Albertans with tasty and creative egg focused dishes.

The uniqueness of Crack’d YYC can be found in its efforts to provide various egg dishes while simultaneously informing consumers about Alberta’s sustainable and nutritious egg production. In addition to the versatility the food truck offers, Crack’d YYC prides itself on making hollandaise fresh from scratch for every event. Jordon and Rachelle also make it a top priority to source high-quality products including protein items from Prairie West Specialty Meats, sourdough from The Yeastie Boys for their Monte Cristos, and of course fresh eggs from Egg Farmers of Alberta producers.

As for menu items, their most popular dish is the breakfast poutine that is essentially an eggs benedict on top of a bed of tater tors, and cheese curds with a protein and vegetarian option. The popular breakfast poutine is not only a fan favorite but also Jordon’s favorite.  According to Jordon, he’s “been eating them for 4 years and still loves eating them, which is a good sign.”

With many of the items starring eggs as the main feature, Crack’d YYC goes through approximately 3-5 dozen eggs per event. Since March 1, they’ve gone through at least 2000 eggs…. that’s A LOT of egg cracking.

As COVID impacted many small and large businesses, Crack’d YYC dealt with some of the challenges during the pandemic. Many of their usual events and parking spots were canceled or not busy, which forced the two to come up with creative solutions such as drive-thru events and community pop-ups. In light of the pandemic, Crack’d YYC has also started doing more farmer’s markets and similar public events.

As the world attempts to return to a ‘normal’ life again, we hope that Albertans can support Crack’d YYC by contacting them for an event or by trying their menu items by attending a local event. You can contact them via email at [email protected] or message them on Facebook & Instagram. Finally, they can also be found on the Street Food App!

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