Conrad Vanessen

My name is Conrad Vanessen, and I am a proud 1st generation egg farmer. I have been farming since 2011 and have been an egg farmer since 2014. My layers are raised in a free-run barn. I also raise veal calves and grow a variety of crops on my farm near Coaldale, Alberta. I got into the egg industry via EFA’s New Entrant Program and have learned the industry by being in the barn as a hands-on egg farmer every day, giving me invaluable first-hand experience and a unique perspective.

There are many challenges and opportunities facing the egg industry.  I am a results-oriented person with a proven ability to get things done.  I work hard for the best interests of all producers.  I believe I bring a variety of good ideas and perspectives to the Board table.  I believe that by working collaboratively with government, other provincial boards, as well as with our national organization, we can conquer challenges, capitalize on opportunities for Alberta producers, and work to strengthen the egg industry across Canada.