Bernadette Vandenborn

My name is Bernadette Vandenborn, my husband Dan and I farm north of Edmonton near the community of Busby. I am in my first term as an Egg Farmers of Alberta director.

I married into farming more than 32 years ago. Although I was not raised in a farming community, I spent summers at my grandparents farm where we helped grandma tend to her many chickens and large garden. As a teenager I remember grandma saying to my sister and I that we should marry farmers….I rolled my eyes while in my head was thinking never!! Sure enough I married a farmer! I love farming as a family and having had the opportunity to raise our 3 children on the farm.

Dan and I are the 3rd generation on the family farm and still operate from the original yard site that Dan’s grandparents emigrated to. Our son and his family now also live on the farm and we are excited about the 4th and potentially the 5th generation getting involved.

I am thankful for the supply management system that we have and the stability that it provides to farmers and consumers. Consumers can purchase eggs with the assurance that they are locally produced farm fresh eggs and they meet quality standards that are regulated by our Start Clean Stay Clean food safety program and our Animal Care Program. We take pride in every egg we produce and the welfare of each bird we care for.

As we work together I look forward to continuing to build relationships with all stakeholders.