Beatrice Visser

My name is Beatrice Visser and I am a Director on the Egg Farmers of Alberta Board of Directors, and am also the Board’s EFC Director. I am now in my second consecutive term as a Director with EFA.

As a child, I grew up on an egg farm in Barrhead, Alberta. I collected and packed eggs and feed the chickens by hand when we had loose housing for the birds. In 1978 my dad installed caged housing for the birds which was a very happy day for all of us that worked with the birds. Later, I married an egg farmer and we have been egg farming since. So, without having to date myself, it’s fair to say I’ve been an egg farmer my entire life, well, since I had the ability to take the egg from the chicken and put it in a carton.

I have four children with my husband, three of which are married and the fourth getting married this December. I have two grandchildren and two more on the way! I enjoy camping, water sports, skiing, reading, traveling and spending time with my family and friends. I frequent the venue of Edmonton Symphony Orchestra for their performances.

I felt like it was important for me to become an EFA Director to help direct and protect our industry. We have kids that would like to remain and carry on the industry and I/we all need to do our best to establish a healthy and sustainable direction for our industry. I think EFA has been so successful because of the diversity of people involved.

Looking ahead… unfortunately, my crystal ball is out of commission! But, EFA is facing many new challenges as our world is ever changing. However, as we work together, staff, farmers, and industry people we become more and more constructive in building a healthy, sustainable industry. An industry that we, as well as our children, and hopefully our grandchildren will be proud to carry on and confidently be able to tell the world “we enjoy raising healthy food for our families, communities and our country”.