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Farm Energy and Agri-Processing (FEAP) Program

October 12, 2018

The FEAP Program cost shares on energy efficiency investments. The Program is designed to encourage energy management which will result in cost savings, energy conservation, and ultimately, reduced greenhouse gas emissions. The Program offers financial support to applicants who incorporate high efficiency equipment that is identified in the applicable FundingMore

Farm Program Updates

September 14, 2018

Update to Salmonella Sampling Protocols Egg Farmers of Alberta is amending our Salmonella sampling protocols, removing the requirement to test all flocks on farm when one flock needs to be tested. When more than one flock is housed in a single production facility, all flocks within the facility will continueMore

AgSafe Alberta AGM

August 10, 2018

On June 28th, the newly formed AgSafe Alberta held its first AGM. Both Minister of Labour Christina Gray and Minister of Agriculture Oneil Carlier attended the meeting and brought greetings from the Government. Both Minister Gray and Oneil noted the importance of a Hazard Assessment as a foundation for startingMore

Mass Depopulation Committee Update

August 10, 2018

The Mass Depopulation Committee met on August 1st. It was determined that the Board will work to develop veterinarian approved Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for large MAC carts, small MAC carts, sea container gassing, and whole barn gassing. The work will occur this fall and the SOPs should be availableMore