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Shell Quality

July 13, 2018

A hen’s ability to create an egg is quite miraculous. Hens form each egg over a period of about 25 hours. Approximately 21 of those hours are used to form the eggshell – the egg rests in the shell gland where initially some water is added, making the outer whiteMore

Focus on Egg Quality – Haugh Units

June 8, 2018

The Haugh unit (pronounced “how”) is a measure of internal egg quality. Developed by Raymond Haugh in 1937, the Haugh unit is a measure of egg protein based on the height of its egg white (albumen) and the weight of the egg. For this test, an egg is weighed, thenMore

Pullets for Sale

May 11, 2018

500 Shaver white pullets for sale turning 19 wks  Aug.13.2018 Call Walter at 403 534 2166 ext 169 or email at [email protected]

Improve Egg Quality, Improve your Bottom Line

April 13, 2018

For every cracked egg that comes off your collection system, you are losing potential income.  Did you know that it is not uncommon to see 4-6% breakage during the process of egg gathering alone?  Broken and cracked eggs can result in significant losses – but there is a lot youMore