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A Refresher on Salmonella

March 9, 2018

Sampling the barn environment for Salmonella Enteritidis is a cornerstone of Canada’s Start Clean – Stay CleanTM on farm food safety program. From time to time it’s a good idea to take a moment and reflect on why we take Salmonella so seriously in the egg industry, and to thinkMore

Fogging for Enhanced Cleaning & Disenfection

October 13, 2017

Fogging is a secondary method of disinfecting your barn.  After you’ve completed your main disinfection process, typically with a sprayer in your barn, you can use fogging to get into nooks and crannies that your first round may have missed. There are three methods available for fogging, all with differentMore

European Fipronil Recall

September 8, 2017

In late July, a scandal involving eggs came to light in Europe, with headlines like; “Egg Contamination Scare” and “Toxic Egg Scandal Grows” found in newspapers across the continent and around the world. Millions of eggs have been pulled from supermarket shelves in more than a dozen European countries afterMore

Managing Mice

September 8, 2017

EFA’s Production Management Committee invited Phil Merrill, Alberta Agriculture’s Provincial Rat and Pest Specialist to their last meeting to share his top tips for managing mice in a layer barn. We would like to share Phil’s expertise, the same that has helped keep Alberta rat free, with you. Mice areMore