Food Safety

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Changes in SE Sampling Policy

February 8, 2017

EFA’s shared vs. separate policy was developed in partnership with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry (AF), as a way of determining when production facilities housing more than one flock of birds should be sampled for Salmonella Enteritidis (SE) separately or in one pooled submission.  Last year, AF advised EFA that theyMore

Dedicated Facilities

February 8, 2017

As of January 2017, all new production facilities for pullets and layers in Alberta must be dedicated to the regulated egg industry.  This is a requirement for license and of EFA’s on farm food safety policy.  Providing dedicated facilities reduces the risk of disease transfer between species, helps protect foodMore

EFC Field Staff

February 8, 2017

Kristina Oxtoby, the EFC Field Inspector for southern Alberta, will be off on maternity leave for the next year.  A new inspector, Jacci Dorran, has been hired by EFC to cover Kristina’s territory.  Jacci brings a wealth of experience to the role; she is a food safety consultant with aMore