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Lights, Cameras, Cluck!

December 8, 2016

by David Webb, Marketing & Communications Manager, EFA | EFA partnered with Alberta Agriculture & Forestry in 2014, and began the journey of building a net-zero egg barn in Alberta.  A feasibility study was completed, and potential egg farm partners were sought out.  In addition to all the technical requirements included in theMore

NET-0 Egg Barn Blog – Egg Collection

April 29, 2016

Net-Zero Egg Barn, Blog Post #7 – Egg Collection: April 29/2016 Having an efficient egg collection strategy is critical for every layer operation, to ensure that they contribute to providing a stable supply of fresh, locally produced eggs for all Albertans. Before construction even began, the design had to be just right,More

NET-0 Egg Barn Blog – Managing Manure

April 28, 2016

Net-Zero Egg Barn, Blog Post #6 – Managing Manure: April 28/2016 Brant Colony has paid close attention to every detail throughout the design and construction of their net-zero barn, including their plan for chicken manure.  Effective manure management is a key component of environmentally responsible farming for the entire colony. A dedicated 60′ x 30′More

NET-0 Egg Barn Blog – Hen Housing Installed

January 18, 2016

Net-Zero Egg Barn, Blog Post #5 – Hen Housing Installed: January 18/2016 Construction at Brant Colony has been progressing very well over the holidays and throughout the winter. EFA caught up with egg manager Darrel Mandel early in the new year, to find out why the colony decided to get involvedMore