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NET-0 Egg Barn Blog – HRV Installed

November 16, 2015

Net-Zero Egg Barn, Blog Post #4 – HRV Installed: November 16/2015 After a long wait, and with assistance from an expert installer from the Netherlands, Brant Colony has completed the installation of their HRV unit.  The colony becomes the first egg farm in Alberta to install such a system; about 2,500More

NET-0 Egg Barn Blog – Making Progress

October 26, 2015

Net-Zero Egg Barn, Blog Post #3 – Making Progress: October 26/2015 Construction efforts have moved inside, just in time for fall.  The focus has been on the layer barn side, with Brant Colony making great strides on the walls and ceiling, as well as the installation of heating, lighting andMore

NET-0 Egg Barn Blog – Raise the Roof

September 15, 2015

Net-Zero Egg Barn, Blog Post #2 – Raise the Roof: September 15/2015 Brant Colony made tremendous progress over the summer, completing the construction of the external structure in a little over two months. With the roof in place, the Net-0 facility is starting to resemble a barn. There are just a fewMore

EFA’s Environmental Stewardship Workshop

August 24, 2015

Egg Farmers of Alberta (EFA) will be hosting a diverse group of influencers at our Environmental Stewardship Workshop on August 26 & 27. EFA recently adopted an overarching sustainability strategy and published a Sustainability Report earlier this year, on the heels of launching the Canadian egg industry’s first on-farm environmentalMore