Profile – Kelly Pow

My name is Kelly Pow, and I am EFA’s Application Support Analyst.

I was drawn to EFA by the opportunity to work in the agriculture industry, my love for eggs, and the beautiful office décor.  I have been with EFA for just over a month and absolutely love the environment and people here.  In addition to constantly learning about what we do and sharing that with my family and friends, I can say there has been no end of exciting dinner conversations.

Born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, I migrated to Canada in 2004 and now call Calgary home, with my husband and two daughters.  My many interests outside of work include traveling, cooking and trying new restaurants and foods, playing board games, hanging out with my kids, and exploring the world through their eyes!

My favorite memory during my time at EFA is visiting Bieseker Colony to meet the farmer and tour their barns, to truly get a sense of what they look like and what goes into making sure consumers get good quality, healthy, farm fresh eggs.

I feel EFA is successful because of the people, our adaptability to change, our love for where we work, and our impact on the community.  As I look ahead to the future for EFA, I see an amazing, dynamic team that constantly works together to deliver nothing but the best for the egg industry, egg farmers, and consumers in Alberta.