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NEP Update

February 8, 2017

EFA initiated a review of the New Entrant Program (NEP) in December 2015.  The review was conducted to help ensure continuous improvement, and to address key issues or concerns with the program.  The NEP review involved input from a broad range of stakeholders, including past applicants, new entrants, registered producers,More

Changes in SE Sampling Policy

February 8, 2017

EFA’s shared vs. separate policy was developed in partnership with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry (AF), as a way of determining when production facilities housing more than one flock of birds should be sampled for Salmonella Enteritidis (SE) separately or in one pooled submission.  Last year, AF advised EFA that theyMore

Avian Influenza Update

February 8, 2017

With Alberta’s current cold weather, and the fact that very few wild birds can be seen in the sky, it is easy to believe that the risk of Avian Influenza (AI) is low.  However, EFA continuously monitors AI outbreaks in North American and around the world, and it is important to adviseMore

PEEP Update

February 8, 2017

Alberta egg farmers were provided an update about the Producer Environmental Egg Program (PEEP) at the EFA Regional Meetings in January.  In 2017, there will only be one change to PEEP.  Question #3.3, related to manure management, has been adjusted to reflect the fact that if farmers have a manureMore