Fogging is a secondary method of disinfecting your barn.  After you’ve completed your main disinfection process, typically with a sprayer in your barn, you can use fogging to get into nooks and crannies that your first round may have missed.

There are three methods available for fogging, all with different advantages and disadvantages, but with the same results.  All of the methods take about the same time to complete. Some are shorter to apply but longer to air out and others longer to apply, but shorter to air out.

Mist fogger

  • Many options for mist fogging, from automatic misters to fine tips
  • The finer the mist the more effective
  • Slow to apply, does not stay in the air long, a supplemental fan pushing the mist back up for longer is beneficial
  • Saturates the room and air
  • Almost all products can be used however Virkon is extremely effective because it is not temperature dependant


  • Heats the carrier (mostly water) and the disinfectant are sprayed on to a hot barrel which turns Gas when released outside temperature in the room cools it to condensation in a very fine mist
  • Gets everywhere, good dispersal and staying power
  • Faster to apply, but longer to air out
  • Only certain products can be used with this method
  • Equipment to apply is expensive and needs good maintenance


  • Chemical reaction – OPP – candles, Potassium/Formalin
  • Dangerous! Hard to get, Gov’t restrictions (more detail about current government restrictions)
  • Gets everywhere – good dispersal, quick, but long time to air out.
  • Very few products approved

There is a common misconception that fogging acts as a pesticide to rid your barn of insects and rodents however this is false.    For example, any mouse that in your barn during fogging will leave the area when they get their first whiff of disinfectant and come back once the air has cleared.  As for insects, they are in the walls and fogging does not really penetrate the walls, also most insects are exoskeletal breathers, which means they need to be soaked in the product, so fogging has minimal effect.   To rid your facility of pests, you should follow a rodent and insecticide program in addition to your cleaning and disinfection protocols.