The Quota Credit Policy is an incentive program offered by EFC to producers whose flocks are out of production for longer than the standard 7 day down-time. It allows producers to capture the lost production by allocating additional birds that can be placed at a later point in time, for a specific period of time. The Quota Credit Policy was developed to assist producers when retooling and refurbishing their barns, installing new ventilation systems, re-caging, moving from multi-age to single-age flocks, adjusting flock placements dates, constructing new barns on existing footprints, and/or to become compliant with EFC production standards.

EFC has made the following 2 changes to the Quota Credit Policy:
• If approved applicant’s plans to utilize quota credits changes from their original application, they must tell Egg Farmers of Alberta 30 days prior to the change
• Quota credits must be placed for a minimum of one flock cycle.
If you have any question, please call Kari (x 132) at the EFA office.