A visitor log book for each of your barns is a requirement for Start Clean – Stay CleanTM and the Animal Care programs. Each visitor who accesses your barn needs to read the Visitor Policy and then sign the log book. This process ensures that every visitor is aware that they play an important role in upholding animal care and biosecurity practices on your farm. These logs can also be very helpful during a traceback investigation when the egg industry is trying to contain disease or a food safety risk.

If you have visitors that return to your barn on a regular basis, such as egg truck drivers, they can sign a Regular Returning Visitor Signing Sheet to confirm that they have read and understood the visitor policy. EFA has revised the Returning Visitor Signing Sheet to ensure it reflects current on farm practices. Once the recurring visitor signs this form, be sure to keep it on file for your on farm audits.

Keep in mind that this form needs to be reviewed and re-signed once a year. A copy of this form is attached to EggNotes for easy reference. It can also be found on the Producer
Website, together with complete Visitor Log Book for Layer and Pullet Barns – look under Start Clean-Stay Clean, Logbooks. Please note that once someone has signed the returning visitor sign-in sheet, there still needs to be a record of each time they are on farm for on farm food safety purposes. This means that the visitor needs to sign the log book, be using the Be Seen Be Safe app, or leave some kind of identifying record such as an egg truck driver slip.