It’s officially that time of year again when all our events kick off and we go out into the community and teach young and old all about local eggs in Alberta.

There was a great turn out at Aggie Days Calgary, Aggie Days Lethbridge and Amazing Ag in Edmonton. We brought our interactive hen display with 15 white hens and 15 brown hens and both kids and adults learned something new everyday.

You may all be surprised that a lot of kids and even adults don’t know where eggs come from, but with us being out there and engaging the public, we can educate the urban
population more about Alberta agriculture. We heard so many great questions! The most common questions include what is the difference between a brown and a white egg, but even better questions as the years go on asking about feed and why there are no roosters in with the hens and what a farmer does everyday to make sure the hens are happy.

All these events have been a great success and it is all thanks to our amazing Egg Ambassadors and Egg Contractors. EFA couldn’t do it without you!

Our next event is the famous Calgary Stampede. If you are interested in signing up for a shift, please contact Angie Lang (ext 103) to grab a spot before it’s too late. Information for those who have already signed up will be sent out the beginning of June.