There has been a promising increase in the adoption of the Be Seen Be Safe Geofencing system in Alberta’s poultry industry since the February AGM. Visitor records have increased across all 4 poultry associations, with a 78% increase from February to March (see the graph below)! User signups have also shown improvement and of particular note is the increase in service suppliers that have signed up for the system – 74 are currently registered, an increase of 54% since February! There are currently 65 egg farms in Alberta registered for Be Seen Be Safe.

It is encouraging to see an increase in the number of egg farmers and service personnel that are registering and using Be Seen Be Safe. This program is helping to improve emergency preparedness and response efforts in Alberta’s poultry industry by providing a virtual logbook that monitors people and vehicle movement on and off farm properties. All information is confidential and your location is only recorded when you go on or off a farm that has been geofenced. If you haven’t registered for Be Seen Be Safe yet, EFA
encourages you to register and explore the tools! The Alberta poultry industry is adopting Be Seen Be Safe as a way of improving emergency preparedness and response efforts in the face of disease threats such as avian influenza.

For more information visit our producer website under “emergency preparedness – Be Seen Be Safe” or