We are nearly half way through the year and EFA’s field staff have been busy reviewing PEEP with farmers: 147
assessments have already been completed to date! The following statistics may be of interest to you:

  • 20/147 farmers scored greater than 90% – congratulations!
  • The average score is approximately 76%
  • 88% of farmers are passing PEEP

In 2018, a new question was added related to cooler fans and motors. To date, 7 producers have scored full points on the question, while most producers (107) have scored 0 points. EFA will be reviewing feedback on the new question with the Production Management
Committee prior to 2019 reassessments.

Support for refrigeration and cooling equipment upgrades (retrofits only) is available through the Farm Energy and Agri-Processing (FEAP) program at a 50% cost share level. For more information please call 310-FARM.