We are busy and diving right into our events season here at EFA! Did you know that we do four major events all before the Calgary
Stampede? Going out into the community is a great way to interact and engage with new consumers about the egg industry. We often have returning visitors to our booth who come just to stop by because they recognize a farmer or even one of our contractors.

A huge draw to our booth, other than it’s amazing curb appeal, is the hens. Whenever there are live animals at an event, it increases the engagement tenfold. All of a sudden talking about the industry and different concerns with consumers doesn’t seem so pushy when you are feeding and petting a hen. Those girls really know how to bring a crowd in.

We attended Easter Extravaganza at the Calgary Zoo to kick off the season, Aggie Days Calgary, Aggie Days Lethbridge and Amazing Ag in Edmonton.

To learn more about the events, head to our website: eggs.ab.ca/efa-blog/events-that-engage/