All marketing boards and commissions operating under the Marketing of Agricultural Products Act are subject to a mandatory review of the regulations for their respective organization every five years. A review of the Egg Farmers of Alberta regulations and any amendments need to be completed by the fall of 2019. We have decided to begin work early on this review in the hopes that we are able to complete this project before the end of 2018.

The Regulations that are being reviewed are:

Egg Farmers of Alberta Plan Regulation (AR 258/97). This regulation specifies EFA’s purpose, Board functions, Board structure and provides for meetings of the membership, including eligibility, voting, and elections.

Egg Farmers of Alberta Marketing Regulation (AR 293/97). This regulation addresses licensing, reporting requirements, quota and levy administration.

Some of the regulatory changes being considered include:

1. Changes to the definition of family member related to Director eligibility.
2. Review of current voting procedures to allow producers the option to vote by mail-in ballot in advance with the main voting still happening at the AGM.
3. Updating the quota allotment provisions to combine base and overbase quota in
accordance with the principles established by the Board.
4. Revisions to allow for the establishment of a quota exchange.
5. Review of the 7% CAP on the amount of quota any one producer can hold either directly or indirectly.

Producers are encouraged to provide input to the EFA Board of Directors during the regulatory review process, which will include discussions at the January and June 2018 Regional Meetings. Copies of the regulations can be obtained by calling the EFA Board office or viewed on:$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/acts6183