For the past 2 months, the Alberta Poultry industry has been working to adopt Be Seen Be Safe as a way of improving our emergency preparedness and response efforts in the face of disease threats such as avian influenza.

All commercial poultry farms in Alberta have been geofenced, making it possible to log visits on and off your farm by anyone who has downloaded the Be Seen Be Safe app on their phone. So far, over 771 farm visits have been logged on EFA farms and 29 EFA users have activated their accounts, allowing them to view the log of visits on and off their own farms.

We encourage you to take part by picking up your farm gate sign at the upcoming regional meetings and encouraging your farm visitors to download the app on their mobile phones.

Be Seen Be Safe is having a draw for a smartphone. To enter this draw you need to put up your Be Seen Be Safe sign at your farm, take a picture of the sign and send it to Be Seen Be Safe. We will be giving these signs out at the regional meetings to producers who do not have one yet.

If you would like to learn more about the system, you can access the Be Seen Be Safe page on EFA’s producer website, under Emergency Preparedness or visit Be Seen Be Safe’s website directly at

Be Seen Be Safe staff are available to help with any questions you have – you can contact them at [email protected] or by phone at (519) 803-3542.