Egg Farmers of Alberta recently launched the Director Development Program (DDP), which is designed to engage the farmer membership and stimulate Board succession planning. Each year, a Board appointed registered producer will be able to participate in Board meetings as a non-voting Director, to gain exposure to how the EFA Board operates and familiarize themselves with current issues of critical importance to the Board.

Every Director must act honestly and in good faith, with a view to the best interests of EFA and the Alberta egg industry. Directors must hold in strict confidence all information relative to the activities, plans, and affairs of the Board.

The EFA Board will announce the Director Development Program in December of each year, and farmers interested in applying to the DDP must submit a letter by March 1, explaining why they might like to become an EFA Director. Any interested Hutterite egg farmers must also include written authorization from their colony elders, as required.

For more information about the Director Development Program, including the roles and responsibilities of EFA Directors, please visit the producer website or contact the EFA office.