Egg Farmers of Canada has recently provided clarification on the requirements for recording ammonia levels and barn temperatures in facilities that have more than one room for housing birds.

“Farmers with a barn that has two separate rooms, with a wall between them, have to perform an ammonia test in each room and record the results for each room. They also have to monitor and record the temperature daily for each room.”

While farmers with multi-age flocks have been maintaining records for each flock all along, it is now confirmed that farmers with one age of birds housed in 2 separate rooms must also maintain ammonia and temperature records for each room. To give impacted farmers time to adjust, auditors will begin auditing according to the above interpretation on July 1, 2018. Farmers with one age flock, but two rooms may want to consider adopting the 2 flock record keeping book as it provides the necessary space for tracking temperature and ammonia levels twice.