The final statistics from the 2016 on farm programs have been calculated, and the average rating for each and every program increased once again!  These high scores that trend upward reflect the hard work and dedication of Alberta egg farmers and pullet growers.  Congratulations!

Animal Care:

  • 2016 average score was 99.97%
  • 95% of farmers achieved a 100% score

Start Clean – Stay Clean™ Layer Program:

  • 2016 average score was 99.72%
  • 82% of farmers achieved a 100% score

Star Clean – Stay Clean™ Pullet Program:

  • 2016 average score was 99.14%
  • 73% of farmer achieved a 100% score
  • 80% of pullet growers are now accredited
  • the goal is to have 100% of pullet growers accredited by the end of 2018

EFA looks forward to continued success and further improvements in 2017.

EFA also commits to keeping Alberta egg farmers informed as the revised Code of Practice is released by NFACC, and updates are made to the national on farm programs to reflect updated animal care standards.