February 16, 2017 was Canada’s Agriculture Day, which was a celebration of all things related to farming and agriculture in Canada.  The national event was organized by Agriculture More Than Ever, had an official website, and was supported and promoted via social media using the hashtag #CdnAgDay.  The tagline was “Let’s celebrate the food we love“, to help consumers better understand the agri-food production system that provides all the fresh, nutritious, locally produced food that Canadians are fortunate to enjoy each and every day.

EFA was active on social media throughout early February, sharing egg farmer content along with #CdnAgDay

Egg farmer blogger, Susan Schafers, also published a blog about what it means to her to be an Alberta egg farmer, to celebrate Canadian Agriculture Day.

EFA encouraged all Egg Ambassadors to actively promote #CdnAgDay, and share their stories about what it means to be an egg farmer and feed their fellow Albertans such high quality local food.  EFA is already looking forward to Canada’s Agriculture Day 2018, and hope even more Alberta egg farmers will help support, promote and celebrate #CdnAgDay next year!