Questions have recently arisen about the role of the EFA Board of Directors, specifically with regards to who makes decisions, when and where. EFA is a non-profit organization that represents all the registered egg farmers in Alberta, which operates under a strict governance model. EFA’s mandate and authority is derived from the Marketing of Agricultural Products Act, which is supervised by the Alberta Agricultural Products Marketing Council, a branch of the provincial government.

Alberta egg farmers elect 6 Directors, who are responsible for setting the strategic direction (major areas of focus) and board policies for EFA. The Board must work for the interests of the entire Alberta egg industry, not for individual farmers. In short, the Board focusses on “what to do”, not “how to do it”. The Board hires the General Manager of EFA – Susan Gal – to carry out the vision, mission and operational planning on a day-to-day level; the GM determines “how to do it”. The GM hires the rest of the EFA staff, who all have specific defined roles to play in the organization.

Although much of the interaction with egg farmers happens at the staff level, the Board of Directors uses the Annual General Meeting, regional meetings, producer committees (ie: Production Management Committee, Research Committee, Grader Advisory Committee) and personal (ie: in-person, phone and email) contact to ensure that the lines of communication remain open between the Board and the farmers that the Board represents. The EFA Board and staff both value communication, but privacy needs to be respected, which is why the discussion within the boardroom is confidential. EFA policies and programs are available on the producer website, and private producer information can be accessed via a secure SharePoint site.

Understanding how EFA operates, and the role it plays in both the provincial and national egg industry, can be complicated. The Board encourages all egg farmers to stay informed, and to continue asking whatever questions you may have. The Board is committed to providing answers, and sharing our individual and collective knowledge to help educate our fellow egg farmers, in the spirit of continuous improvement for the egg industry.