Egg Farmers of Alberta is preparing for its 48th Annual General Meeting (AGM), which is being held on Tuesday, February 28, in Red Deer.  EFA looks forward to hosting a large and enthusiastic crowd that includes registered egg farmers, industry partners, and government representatives.  The morning session will feature a review of EFA’s Annual Report.  The afternoon session will begin with the announcement of the Producer of the Year award, which will be followed by a celebration of EFA’s Egg Ambassadors.  Crystal Mackay, CEO for Farm & Food Care Canada, will give a presentation titled Public Trust and Social License: Connecting the dots from farm gates to dinner plates.

Two seats on the EFA Board of Directors will need to be filled.  John Hofer has completed his first three-year term and is eligible for re-election.  Joe Kleinsasser has completed two consecutive three-year terms and can remain for one additional three-year term, provided he continues to serve on the EFC Board and he has the support of the Board and the producer membership.  The Board has agreed to support Mr. Kleinsasser to serve as EFC Director for the next three years and will therefore be seeking support from the producers at the AGM.  EFA has filed Plan Regulation amendments to prohibit processors from serving on the Board and to require that all nominations for Directors received in advance of the AGM, the status of which will be determined before the AGM.

EFA would like to remind egg farmers and other industry stakeholders that pre-registration is once again required for EFA’s AGM this year.  Additionally, EFA reserves the right to refuse registration and entry.  EFA’s Board and staff are excited about this year’s AGM and look forward to seeing you there!