As part of a disease risk management project funded by Alberta Agriculture and EFA’s research budget, 4 producers that had a history of repeat positives (positive in at least 2 of the previous 3 years) with Salmonella Typhimurium (ST) or Salmonella Heidelberg (SH) had their flocks vaccinated with an injected ST/SH/Salmonella Enteritiditis vaccine. Those flocks have now had follow up layer Salmonella testing and we would like to report on those results.

One of the producers commented that when they heard from Alberta Agriculture they were positive for ST, they took extra precautions before placing their next flock. They disinfected twice, and fogged the barn. For this producer, the vaccination was seen as being one more thing that helped get rid of ST in the barn. The producer commented that doing the injection at the same time as their other killed injections was easy using a double-barrelled gun.

Vaccination is an important measure in the control of Salmonella but, as evidenced from the data above, works best if continuously applied. There are several commercial Salmonella Enteritidis vaccines, however if other Salmonella strains are of concern autogenous products is a solution.