At EFA’s upcoming Annual General Meeting, two seats on the EFA Board of Directors will need to be filled. Byron Toews has completed his first term, which was to fill the seat left vacant when Ben Waldner resigned in 2015. Byron is available for re-election. Peter Waldner was appointed by the Board in April to replace Meb Gilani, when EFA’s regulations were amended to prohibit processors from serving on the Board. As per the regulation, this position must now be declared vacant and must be filled by means of an election.

Producers will receive a nomination package in December, which will include a nomination form. The nomination form must be signed by two different registered producers and must have signed consent by the nominee. Nomination forms can be submitted via email, fax or by hand, and must be received by no later than 14 days prior (February 13, 2017) to the AGM. Nominations will no longer be permitted from the floor at the AGM.