At their Board meeting on November 7, Egg Farmers of Canada provided an outlook for 2018, as well as an update about ongoing international trade negotiations.

In 2017, the average growth of egg sales has been over 5%, and continuing this strong growth is anticipated for 2018, although perhaps on a somewhat smaller scale. EFC also mentioned an improved relationship with Farm Products Council of Canada as a highlight, and looks forward to working with a new Chair and FPCC members next year. The egg industry’s transition away from conventional housing is expected to be under close scrutiny over the next few years. A few key areas of focus in 2018 will be building public trust and social responsibility.

Trade negotiations were characterized by EFC as being one of the more challenging issues at this time, with both TPP-11 and NAFTA discussions in play at this time, as well as a TWO Ministerial meeting scheduled for December. For TPP-11, there has been serious effort put forward to reach agreement (minus the US), which is a concern to supply management because of the market access provisions agreed to in the original TPP Agreement. For NAFTA, Round 4 ended on a sour note, with no positive spin on the outcome of the talks, which indicates that negotiations will likely extend into 2018.