Your Egg Farmers of Alberta Board of Directors would like to remind producers about the importance of public trust, as a vital component of building a sustainable egg industry.  Despite having enjoyed over a decade of growth, adhering to world class on-farm food safety and animal welfare programs, and being committed to continuous improvement, maintaining trust in our eggs and egg farming practices is a delicate endeavor.

Canadian consumers have a growing desire to learn more about where their food comes from and how it was produced, while activist groups seek to damage the credibility of the egg industry, to force a shift away from animal agriculture.  As we witnessed with the recent undercover videos released in B.C., having just a single barn not performing up to expectations can undermine our collective efforts, and erode the public trust that is so vital to our success.

The EFA Board strongly believes that throughout Alberta and across the country, the egg industry is only as strong as our weakest link.  In addition to passing the mandatory Animal Care Program and Start Clean – Stay Clean™ program, and being prepared for 3rd party audits, it is imperative that every egg barn in the province is ‘camera ready’ at all times.

As an egg farmer, how would you feel if photos or video footage from inside your barn were released?  Would you be able to defend the conditions of your barn and your farming practices?  Are you prepared to open your barn doors to welcome reporters or the public into your operation?  Would you be proud of your barn and how you care for your laying hens?

Ensuring your egg barn is always ‘camera ready’ is a significant responsibility.  However, with public trust and the long-term sustainability of the egg industry at stake, it is a responsibility that every egg farmer must be willing to embrace!