On June 28th, the newly formed AgSafe Alberta held its first AGM. Both Minister of Labour Christina Gray and Minister of Agriculture Oneil Carlier attended the meeting and brought greetings from the Government. Both Minister Gray and Oneil noted the importance of a Hazard Assessment as a foundation for starting out with farm safety planning. Jody Wacowich was announced as the new Executive Director for the organization, starting August 1, 2018.

Producers can view a video of the AGM in its entirety at https://vimeo.com/279157158

After the AGM, Alberta Labour representative Ross Nairne (Executive Director, Occupational Health and Safety Policy and Program Development) provided a presentation and technical briefing on the new Occupational Health and Safety Requirements for Farms and Ranches in Alberta. To view the Alberta Labour technical briefing presentation please click on the following link:

OHS Presentation: https://vimeo.com/279152746

(Password: AgSafe2018)

Both videos can also be found on the AgSafe Alberta website at: https://www.agsafeab.ca/about-us-2/