The Start Clean – Stay Clean (™) (SC-SC) Pullet program is an on farm food safety program that provides guidelines on things like biosecurity and pest management to keep pullets healthy and free from disease.   Since the program was introduced in 2009, our farmers have supported the program, with all pullet growers taking part and scoring well above the 90% needed for full CEIRA coverage. Last year, our pullet growers scored an average of 99.1% in the SC-SC Pullet program!

EFA is proud of how far pullet growers have come, but we have not yet made it to the highest standard. Alberta’s pullet growers have just a very small step to take to reach a very big milestone – 100% accreditation. Following consultation with our farmers at the June Regional Meetings, EFA has finalized a policy that will make accreditation in the SC-SC Pullet Program mandatory as of January 1, 2019.

Here is a summary of the steps EFA is taking to make SC-SC Pullet Accreditation Mandatory. If you would like to review the full policy click here ( ), or contact EFA’s office for a copy.

  • During 2017 and 2018 EFA will provide documentation, coaching and support to assist pullet growers in achieving SC-SC accreditation. If you would like coaching to ensure you are ready to obtain accreditation, please contact your Field Coordinator, either Murray Minchin or Dave Lastiwka.
  • Egg Farmers ordering pullets with placement dates after January 1, 2019 will need to confirm their pullet grower is accredited and that they have been assessed by the SC-SC program in the past 12 months. Be sure to ask when you order your birds!
  • Pullet growers will include confirmation of accreditation on their Flock History Certificates that are provided to the Egg Farmer with delivery of the 19 week old birds. Pullet growers can begin using the updated Flock History Certificates to confirm this to their clients now. Access them here ( ), or by contacting EFA.
  • After January 1, 2019, when the EFA Field Coordinator is on farm to count your new flock, they will verify that pullets are from an accredited pullet grower based on the Pullet Flock History Certificate or a copy of the SC-SC accreditation certificate or audit (for those producers who grow their own birds).
  • If the egg farmer can provide no evidence that their flock has been sourced from a pullet grower accredited in the SC-SC program, a provincial corrective action will be issued. The egg farmer will have until their next flock is counted to obtain documentation that confirms their birds have been sourced from an accredited pullet grower.
  • If, when the EFA Field Coordinator is on farm to count the subsequent flock, no evidence is available to show that the flock has been sourced from a pullet grower accredited in the SC-SC program, the layer producer will be fined $500.00. These funds will be returned to the layer producer once they provide evidence to EFA that their layer flock has been sourced from an accredited pullet grower.

We believe that each of our farms will be able to meet the mandatory SC-SC Pullet accreditation requirement before the January 1st deadline. All pullet growers are already scoring over 90% – so the next step is to ask EFC to complete a part 3 audit when they are next on farm. During the part 3 audit you will need to produce SC-SC Pullet records from the past 4 years (or all prior records if you’ve been in production less than 4 years). The checklist of records needed is at the back of your SC-SC Pullet calendar.

Thank-you for your co-operation in working to meet the goal of 100% SC-SC Pullet accreditation in Alberta. We look forward to celebrating the achievement of this milestone with you soon!