At the EFA Board of Directors meeting on June 20, 2017, the Board decided to further amend the New Entrant Program (NEP).

  1. Providing all existing new entrants with the 2017 increase, which amounts to 105 units of over base quota (1,500 x 7.0185%).
  • The allotment of the 2017 quota increase will occur in the fall, when the new entrant permit renews.
  • This quota will initially be placed in reserve. If a new entrant’s facility has capacity, the quota can be activated on the next flock change.
  • If a new entrant’s facility does not have capacity in accordance with EFA’s Animal Care Policy, the birds will be placed into the 2018/2019 Quota Leasing Pool when it runs.
  • As with over base allocations for other egg farmers, this allocation must be in production within 10 years of allocation, and is subject to over base quota fees upon activation.
  1. Going forward, new entrants will receive quota increases.
  2. The current provision that allows new entrants to have priority access to the Quota Leasing Pool (QLP), to bring them to a maximum of 5,000 birds, will remain in effect (to the extent that birds are available in the QLP. Going forward, leases to new entrants will be available under the following terms: no charge for the 1st year lease fee. Lease fees increase by 20% every year until the 6th year, when the lease rate would be at the full value.

The Board believes that the New Entrant Program is meant to assist egg farmers with some of the start-up costs, and requires direct investment by each new entrant in order to ensure the operation is viable in the future. The Board is hopeful that the added elements will help in this regard.