Marketing Council has been working with the five supply managed marketing boards over the last 12 months in developing management principles. We were recently informed that Minister Carlier has officially approved the Quota Governance and Management Principles that were developed.

EFA supports the following fundamentals of quota governance and management:

  • The marketing board has full legal responsibility and accountability for the quota that is allocated to the province.
  • Registered producers must produce, to fulfill the market demand of the industry.
  • Producers are responsible to produce their allocation that has been allocated by the marketing board.
  • Marketing boards cannot assign monetary value to quota.
  • The intention of quota is to ensure the market demands for the regulated product are met in a timely and orderly fashion.

Building on these fundamentals, the following quota governance and management principles apply:

  • Quota governance must reflect provincial and national agricultural frameworks.As a part of their role in protecting and maintaining the supply management system in Alberta, it is expected that EFA will:
  • Establish programs and policies to enable entry for new producers
  • Establish programs and policies to stimulate and promote innovative approaches to production and mar­keting that have the potential to create sustainable demand for the regulated product.
  • Ensure that costs are reflective of the services provided in managing the quota system for producers, industry, government and consumers.
  • Ensure quota programs and policies align to national and provincial agricultural frameworks and are aligned with national and provincial regulations
  • Facilitate effective consultation with stakeholders in developing quota governance programs, policies, and regulations.

These Quota Governance and Management Principles will be reviewed at the upcoming Strategic Planning Session to determine how the board would envision restructuring our over base policy to meet the newly approved principles. We will then need to work with Marketing Council on any updates to our Regulations that may be required.

Results of Customer Service Survey

At the June Regional Meeting, Producers filled out a Customer Service Survey about EFA. Below are some of the highlights:

We had 123 responses, 82% from producers:

  • Customer Service experience came in at 91%, rated 8 or higher versus 77% from the previous year. All other questions regarding conversations with staff being treated with respect, dignity and confidential all saw similar increases.

Similarly, the comments overall were also very supportive of EFA. There are a couple of suggested improvements that as an organization we will be working on over the next year. Some of these suggestions include:

  • Improved access to information on the producer website and SharePoint site.
  • In terms of responding to emails and phone calls, EFA’s policy is to respond within 24 hours.
  • All Producer meetings are to be posted on the producer website, as well as market demands and requirements