EFC has been conducting an in-depth review of the Start Clean – Stay CleanTM Layer Program.  During the review, recommendations have been brought forward to strengthen the food safety program and processes.

The following changes to the SC-SCTM Layer program have been approved by EFC’s Board of Directors and will come into effect August 15, 2018.

Like the Animal Care Program, the elements in the SC-SCTM layer program have now been categorized into 4 different types of elements:

  • Critical Control Elements – if full points for critical control elements are not received, there will be an immediate 7 day hold of the SC-SCTM part 1 and 2 evaluation. A corrective action request (CAR) will be issued with a 7 day deadline to complete.  If the CAR is not corrected within 7 days, the result will be an immediate failure of the SC-SCTM  Critical Control Elements in the program are:
    • Cooler temperature is maintained at 10°C to 13°C
    • Eggs are gathered at least once daily in systems with egg rollouts and twice a day for systems with no rollouts (point value increasing from 3 to 5)
    • No on-farm washing of eggs
  • Major Elements – Corrective actions will have a 30 day timeline to complete.
  • Minor Elements – Corrective actions will have a 6 month timeline to complete until August 15, 2019. After August 15, 2019 corrective actions for minor elemetns will have a 3 month timeline to complete.
  • General Elements – Corrective actions will have up to a 12 month timeline to complete.

If major, minor and general corrective actions are not completed by the timelines noted above, the farmer will not be able to regain lost points once the CAR is addressed.

The Start Clean – Stay Clean Program will also require the following records after August 15th, 2018.  Most of these records were previously required under the Animal Care program:

  • Mortality recorded daily
  • Feed consumption recorded daily
  • Water consumption recorded daily
  • Letter of certification from the feed supplier
    • A Letter of Certification from the Feed Supplier is required when purchasing feed from a supplier, as well as when feed is mixed on-farm for own use. This letter is also required from all feed mills, regardless of the HACCP accreditation status. HACCP accredited feed mills can no longer solely indicate that they are HACCP accredited.
    • The Letter of Certification must contain the following statements:
      • No pharmaceuticals were added to the feed OR any pharmaceuticals that were added have been listed on the feed slip.
      • To the best of our knowledge, this feed/feed ingredient has been manufactured in an environment free of SE.
      • The letter must include the terms feed AND feed ingredients.
    • A template for the letter of certification is available on the Producer website under Start Clean – Stay Clean, SC-SC Layers.
    • Please make sure you have one available from each of your feed mill sources by August 15th!

For a complete copy of the handout developed by EFC to communicate the changes, please visit the SC-SC Layer page on EFA’s Producer website.  This document includes a full listing of every program element, it’s point value and the element type.