The EFA Board of Directors has established a committee to guide the direction for mass depopulation. The objective is to develop options to offer affordable, effective, humane mass depopulation that producers will embrace, which meet the national standards for animal care. The goal will then be to develop SOP templates for each option, gather the financial track records, and develop and offer training for all approved options.

There are four options being investigated:
1. Whole Barn Gassing
2. Sea Container Gassing
4. MAC Carts

If new options become available that meet the above goals they will also be considered.
With respect to pre-charge MAC carts, producers should be aware that there are hurdles to overcome from a standards perspective. The committee is investigating options to adapt existing carts so they can continue to be used.

With respect to physical methods (decapitation and cervical dislocation), producers should be aware that they are not recommended for the depopulation of large numbers of birds, due to fatigue and the potential for inconsistency.

For the time being, the soft audit process introduced last year reviewing detailed requirements of each method has been put on hold.