Spring has arrived, along with the expected start of wild bird migrations.  With Avian Influenza causing issues around the world, including the United States, it is important to take precautions during this time to protect your flock.  All the resources egg farmers may need can be found on the AI page of the producer website: www.albertaeggproducers.ca/emergency-preparedness/avian-influenza.  Available resources include info about AI, step-by-step bio-security guides, and links to the audio from the recent Avian Influenza Town Hall Call.

Several updates related to a variety of research projects have been added to the producer website: www.albertaeggproducers.ca/information-center/research-program/projectupdates.  The following updates are now available:

  • The quarterly research report provided to the EFA Board and EFA Research Committee
  • The final LAPS feasibility report from Serecon
  • Dr. Clover Bench’s Hen Housing and Bone Strength presentation, which she gave at EFA Regional Meetings in 2016
  • A presentation that evaluates beak treatment abnormalities and their bird impact, which was funded by EFA
  • Information about the net-zero barn cooler benchmarking project
  • A project overview for Alberta Agriculture’s manure drying cost/benefit analysis study