Profile – Peter Waldner

My name is Peter Waldner and I am a Director on the Egg Farmers of Alberta Board. I am in my first year as a Director with EFA.

I have been an egg farmer my whole life, so 48 years! I grew up in Macgrath, Alberta with my wife, 3 daughters and one son. One of my daughters is getting married soon, which is very exciting! My interests apart from farming is carpentry. I like to tinker with little thinks and I love to work with the younger generations to show them things.

I believe it is important to serve on the board as a Director because the industry has to be kept going for future generations. I don’t do it just for my own farm, but for the whole nation of farmers because agriculture isn’t going anywhere. I believe EFA is successful because EFA is doing the proper things and being proactive. EFA makes sure everyone is informed with new information so farmers can react accordingly.

Looking forward, everything is looking good! There is so much good that is coming for the industry. It’s important to improve and make things better and keep connections going with the government.